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A Biographical Sketch of William Holladay

January 27, 2009

Today I posted a biographical sketch of Zacharias and Kitty’s son William Holladay, my great grandfather. William married Mary Anna (Polly) Reynolds and they had nine children. Brief biographical highlights of each of them will be added as time permits.


A Biographical Sketch of Zacharias and Kitty’s Son, John Holladay

January 10, 2009

Today I am posting the first of the planned biographical sketches of Zacharias and Kitty’s four children. This sketch is about their somewhat unknown elder son John who is covered little, if at all, in previously published material about the Adair County Holladays. I have discovered a considerable amount of information about him and his children, and this sketch will be updated as time permits.

A brief synopsis of the life each of John’s children has been included. Note in particular that John’s two sons who moved to Missouri fought on opposite sides in the Civil War, a real-life example of brother fighting against brother in that conflict.

Blogs and Genealogy

January 9, 2009

On Tuesday I gave a short presentation to the JPL Genealogy Club on using blogs and how they can be useful in your genealogy efforts. The handout was a list of some of my favorite genealogy blogs and other web sites about blog readers and blogging software. As requested at the meeting, the list is posted here with links to the sites.

A Biographical Sketch of Zacharias Holladay

January 3, 2009

I have uploaded a page containing a biographical sketch of Zacharias Holladay, the progenitor of our Adair County Holladay family.  To view it, just click on the link to his name in the sidebar on the right.

Similar biographical sketches of his four children will be posted as they become available.

Welcome to Jay’s Genealogy Blog

January 2, 2009

I began this blog to communicate some of the genealogy and family history information that I have gathered since beginning the quest to learn more about my ancestors. Initially it will present material about the Holladay family of Adair County, Kentucky – descendants of Zacharias Holladay (1761-1846) – and related families: Anderson, Creel, Montgomery, Reynolds, and Waggener. These are my father’s family lines; later I will add information about my mother’s ancestry.

At this point a blog seems to be the best way to begin sharing my genealogical results and family stories and invite comments and especially contributions of additional material. Please give me some feedback by posting a comment here or contacting me at