Zacharias’ Elder Brother John Holladay

Today I posted a page summarizing what I currently know about my great-great-grandfather Zacharias Holladay’s elder brother, John Holladay. Born in Virginia in about 1755, he was one of very early settlers in Kentucky and was at Harrodsburg in March, 1777. After the Revolutionary war, Zacharias joined him in Kentucky. John Holladay apparently died in Adams County, Mississippi, in about 1800, but I am still looking for more solid proof of this.

Since returning from my trip to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, I have been fortunate to locate some living descendants of John and his wife Margaret, or Margery Gustavus.  Their descendants use the surname Holliday, and my post also comments on the issue of how our surname is spelled. I am hoping we can verify the genealogical evidence of these relationships by DNA testing.

In the past year I have found some more distant Holliday/Holliday cousins, had a 67-marker Y-DNA test, and verified that indeed I share a common ancestor with them. These findings verify the results many years of genealogical research done by Dr. Alvis M. Holladay, Sr., and his family that were published in his book, The Holladay Family, in 1983.

More about Margaret Gustavus Holladay in a future post.


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