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I’m Still Here!

July 9, 2010

Although I have not posted any items during the past year, I have managed to find some time to pursue my genealogical interests. A visit to the National Archives branch in Philadelphia last fall led to the discovery that my Irish immigrant ancestor, John Conroy, was born in County Lough, north of Dublin. A recent trip to the Mississippi Valley gave me a chance to learn more about Zacharias Holladay’s brother John Holladay and his descendants and to visit some of the areas where they lived in Mississippi.

I also enjoyed meeting many Newcomb cousins at a birthday party and family celebration in January, and I met many of my Holladay cousins from Boone County, Kentucky, at an impromptu reunion in April.

At the beginning of this year I became co-administrator for the US part of the Halliday/Holladay Y-DNA Surname Project at FTDNA. This project includes all variants of the Halliday surname, including Holladay, Holliday, and many others. Through this effort I hope to learn more about the ancestors of Zacharias Holladay and their relationship to other early Holladay immigrants to Virginia. More about this work in future posts.

For the moment my genealogy efforts compete for time with volunteer support at the Southern California Genealogical Society. With the successful conclusion of our recent Genealogy Jamboree I’m hoping to find more time for serious genealogy work and for posting to this blog.