More On Why I Started This Blog

I am a retired aerospace engineer living near Los Angeles. I began serious study of my family history in 1993 and since then have accumulated a vast amount of data about my various family lines. As with many genealogists, I found the thrill of the chase and excitement of new discoveries to be much more fun than the drudgery of properly organizing the data, documenting each source, and entering it into my genealogy database. In addition we have been taught that, ideally, this work should be completed and thoroughly analyzed before one begins to write a quality family history.

For many of us, real life gets in the way. After retiring from my day job in 2005, I thought that now there would be plenty of time to begin doing my genealogy work “properly”. Trouble was, in the meantime I had undertaken some significant volunteer commitments, pursued my growing interests in American history, and joined a vibrant and active church community. All of this was in addition to family commitments, deferred upgrade and maintenance tasks on our family home, and various reunions and other fun things, not to mention my long-term involvement with amateur (ham) radio.

As a result of all of this, by 2008 I had made only a few sporadic attempts to share my genealogical discoveries with family and friends, but these efforts left much to be desired. I had also absorbed the idea of publishing my family history information in smaller, bite-sized pieces and had come to the realize that this was the only way I was going to be able to begin properly organizing and documenting my previous work while also starting to share it with family and other interested parties.

By then tools had also been developed that make it extremely easy to begin publishing one’s genealogical information as a web page on the Internet, especially in the form of a blog. I concluded this was the best way for me to proceed, and the result is this blog, established at the beginning of 2009.

More specific information  about the planned content of this blog can be found in my first post, “Welcome to Jay’s Genealogy Blog” in the archive for January. I hope you find the work presented here both interesting and informative, and I solicit your comments and suggested improvements. You can respond by using the blog’s comment feature or by emailing me at


2 Responses to “More On Why I Started This Blog”

  1. Kathryn Richert-Boe Says:

    Hi, I think I am your second cousin. My first cousin, Wendell Peters, told me about your blog. I am Anderson Holladay’s granddaughter. I live in Portland, Oregon.

  2. jholladay Says:

    Kathryn, many thanks for your response. I have sent you an email with some information about our family relationship.

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