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Time for Genealogy Again

July 2, 2016

Now that Jamboree 2016 is over and I have gotten caught up on some personal matters, I’m making time for some genealogy again. My immediate project is to prepare for an upcoming trip to Michigan where I will have a chance to visit two of my Holladay cousins who have roots in Adair County, Kentucky.

I’m planning to make a few blog posts as I do this work, both to keep me focused and to reconnect with some of my other Holladay cousins who haven’t seen any new posts here for quite a long time. I’m not ready to make any big commitment at this time, but I will try to report at least something each week.

Along the way I’ll write up a bit about the Holladay Family project which I began many years ago and what it has evolved in to. We’ll see how it goes.


It’s After Jamboree!

July 1, 2013

Today is July 14 and I decided to make a short post about my genealogy work. As I have said in earlier posts, I spend a lot of time doing volunteer work at the library of the Southern California Genealogical Society (SCGS) in Burbank. It is about a 20-minute drive from our home in La Crescenta, and I am over at the library an average of two days a week.

Beginning in the late spring, the hard core of SCGS volunteers begin saying, “I’ll do it after Jamboree”, in response to almost any activity not directly related to Jamboree preparations. For those of you not familiar with the genealogy scene in Southern California, Jamboree is the annual conference sponsored by SCGS that attracts hundreds of attendees from Southern California and all over the west, not to mention visitors from other parts of the country. Jamboree features a three-day program of presentations and workshops by nationally-prominent speakers, together with display and sales booths by major publishers and suppliers of genealogy products. It is the largest such gathering on the West Coast, and this year our attendance was almost 1200 attendees, volunteers, speakers, and exhibitors. You can see more info at:

At any rate, now it is “After Jamboree” and time to start blogging about my own genealogical activities.

It’s Time To Try Again

February 13, 2013

Well, my 2012 New Year’s resolution about this blog didn’t last very long. I do have plenty of potential topics and I really do want to give it another try.

I am finally able to dial back a bit on my volunteer work at the Southern California Genealogical Society because I now have some very talented volunteers sharing the load on the IT work.

Recently I have received useful information and some interesting queries from several Holladay cousins. I also received a plaintive question from one of my “DNA cousins” asking whether this blog was still active. All this has prompted me to make a new attempt at blogging about my genealogical activities.

I’m also inspired by Geoff Rasmussen’s signoff line when he ends one of his excellent webinars: “Life is short – do genealogy first!”