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Time for Genealogy Again

July 2, 2016

Now that Jamboree 2016 is over and I have gotten caught up on some personal matters, I’m making time for some genealogy again. My immediate project is to prepare for an upcoming trip to Michigan where I will have a chance to visit two of my Holladay cousins who have roots in Adair County, Kentucky.

I’m planning to make a few blog posts as I do this work, both to keep me focused and to reconnect with some of my other Holladay cousins who haven’t seen any new posts here for quite a long time. I’m not ready to make any big commitment at this time, but I will try to report at least something each week.

Along the way I’ll write up a bit about the Holladay Family project which I began many years ago and what it has evolved in to. We’ll see how it goes.


WikiTree Postings on Holladay Family

July 3, 2015

Exciting news. There have been a number of posts about the Holladay family that included my ancestral line! I’m busy right now getting ready for a July 4 family BBQ but will post more later.

Meanwhile, see my WikiTree public tree at

Zacharias’ Elder Brother John Holladay

June 15, 2009

Today I posted a page summarizing what I currently know about my great-great-grandfather Zacharias Holladay’s elder brother, John Holladay. Born in Virginia in about 1755, he was one of very early settlers in Kentucky and was at Harrodsburg in March, 1777. After the Revolutionary war, Zacharias joined him in Kentucky. John Holladay apparently died in Adams County, Mississippi, in about 1800, but I am still looking for more solid proof of this.

Since returning from my trip to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, I have been fortunate to locate some living descendants of John and his wife Margaret, or Margery Gustavus.  Their descendants use the surname Holliday, and my post also comments on the issue of how our surname is spelled. I am hoping we can verify the genealogical evidence of these relationships by DNA testing.

In the past year I have found some more distant Holliday/Holliday cousins, had a 67-marker Y-DNA test, and verified that indeed I share a common ancestor with them. These findings verify the results many years of genealogical research done by Dr. Alvis M. Holladay, Sr., and his family that were published in his book, The Holladay Family, in 1983.

More about Margaret Gustavus Holladay in a future post.

My Roots in Adair County, Kentucky

April 23, 2009

My genealogical efforts have been greatly aided by the fact that all of my father’s ancestors migrated to the area of Adair and Green County, Kentucky, shortly after the Revolutionary War. They remained in the Adair County area until my father left in the 1920’s  for Colorado and the West.

The surnames are: Anderson, Brawner, Holladay, Montgomery, Reynolds, Sallee, Smith, and Waggener.   The Creel family is also closely associated with several of these families. I will be making a number of posts about these families and sources of additional information about them. Your comments and inquiries are invited.

A Biographical Sketch of Joseph Holladay

April 4, 2009

Today I posted a biographical sketch of  Joseph Holladay, Zacharias and Kitty’s third and youngest son. Joseph married Sarah J. (Sally) Reynolds and they had at least eleven children. More information about their children will published as time permits.

A Biographical Sketch of William Holladay

January 27, 2009

Today I posted a biographical sketch of Zacharias and Kitty’s son William Holladay, my great grandfather. William married Mary Anna (Polly) Reynolds and they had nine children. Brief biographical highlights of each of them will be added as time permits.

A Biographical Sketch of Zacharias and Kitty’s Son, John Holladay

January 10, 2009

Today I am posting the first of the planned biographical sketches of Zacharias and Kitty’s four children. This sketch is about their somewhat unknown elder son John who is covered little, if at all, in previously published material about the Adair County Holladays. I have discovered a considerable amount of information about him and his children, and this sketch will be updated as time permits.

A brief synopsis of the life each of John’s children has been included. Note in particular that John’s two sons who moved to Missouri fought on opposite sides in the Civil War, a real-life example of brother fighting against brother in that conflict.

A Biographical Sketch of Zacharias Holladay

January 3, 2009

I have uploaded a page containing a biographical sketch of Zacharias Holladay, the progenitor of our Adair County Holladay family.  To view it, just click on the link to his name in the sidebar on the right.

Similar biographical sketches of his four children will be posted as they become available.