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Reviewing My Genealogical Priorities

June 1, 2009

Can it really be the first of June? My blogging activities have become sporadic again, it seems. Shortly after my last posting I left on a week-long research trip to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, home of The Allen County Public Library (ACPL). This facility is one of the premier genealogical research libraries in the country and claims to be the largest such library that is publicly-funded.

The ACPL certainly lived up to my expectations. My initial goal was to search for clues to the ancestry of Henry Reynolds, one of my “brick wall” great-great grandparents. This effort was moderately successful – some good information was found in Kentucky and Virginia land records about possible members of his family.

A second goal was to look for new information about the Holladay family in the ACPL holdings for Adair County, Kentucky. These holdings are quite impressive, but I found little for Adair that is not available in Salt Lake City and no Holladay information that was new to me.

While there I also looked for new information about Zachariah Holladay’s somewhat mysterious older brother John. Here I was spectacularly successful in learning about his descendants and about the woman he married, Margaret or Margery Gustavus. John is mentioned briefly in my biographical sketch of Zacharias, especially in footnote  3, but much of his life has been a mystery to me, especially what happened after he disappears from Washington County, Kentucky, records in about 1798.

Both during this trip and since my return, this effort to find more information about Zacharias’ brother John Holladay has occupied much of my genealogy time. The trouble is, other priorities and commitments keep me from spending more than one or at most two hours per day on genealogy. I now have two more genealogical projects to pursue in addition to various tasks under what I call the Holladay Family project. These new projects are the search for Henry Reynolds (1778-1849) parents, and developing a biographical sketch of John Holladay (1755-1800). I’ll be commenting on each of these and summarizing results in future posts.


Blogging Again

April 3, 2009

Although I haven’t posted to this blog for a couple of months I have had some very interesting email correspondence with several other Holladay family members, both my Adair County, Kentucky, cousins and my “DNA cousins”. The latter are more distant cousins with whom I have made contact as a result of having my DNA tested a year ago for the purpose of proving or disproving that I share a common ancestor with others having the Holladay/Holliday family surname.

I also spent time helping to set up a new user group for the RootsMagic genealogy database program as part of my activities in support of the library of the Southern California Genealogical Society (SCGS). I have been using RootsMagic and its predecessor, Family Origins, to record and report on my work almost since I began to do serious genealogy in the mid 1990s. I have been putting off entering additional data into my database during the past few months until the new RootsMagic version 4 was released, since it contains a lot of cool new features, especially the way it facilitates entry of the source information required to conform to good genealogical practice.

RootsMagic 4 has now been released to the public and it’s time for me begin entering a large amount of data collected over the past several years. I plan to report on this work periodically in this blog, along with some information about the Holladay family DNA studies, the RootsMagic 4 program, and some of my volunteer work for the SCGS.

For the time being, the main focus will continue to be on Zacharias and Kitty Anderson Holladay, their four children, and later descendants. Stay tuned…

Welcome to Jay’s Genealogy Blog

January 2, 2009

I began this blog to communicate some of the genealogy and family history information that I have gathered since beginning the quest to learn more about my ancestors. Initially it will present material about the Holladay family of Adair County, Kentucky – descendants of Zacharias Holladay (1761-1846) – and related families: Anderson, Creel, Montgomery, Reynolds, and Waggener. These are my father’s family lines; later I will add information about my mother’s ancestry.

At this point a blog seems to be the best way to begin sharing my genealogical results and family stories and invite comments and especially contributions of additional material. Please give me some feedback by posting a comment here or contacting me at